Glasses vs Contact Lenses

Unfortunately, I am one of the millions of people who are unable to say that they have perfect vision. In fact, mine is far from perfect. It’s just one of those things. But although my vision may be restricted, my options for rectifying it are most certainly not.

I’ve had to wear glasses since my high-school years, and in recent years tried (and found that I loved!) contact lenses too. I like that I have the freedom to choose which I would prefer to wear on a daily basis. However, I have found through my own personal experiences, as well as through working in an opticians, that there are positives and negatives for each…

I used to hate wearing my glasses. I would cringe at my high school reflection with the braces and glasses combination that I had to put up with. They were the height of un-cool. Today, thankfully, glasses are seen as more of a fashion item and accessory, with thousands of styles to choose from.

‣There are so many styles of frames; some are smart, some are casual, some are brightly coloured and some are plain black… and I’ve just ordered a pair from work which are covered in a floral print…

‣Unlike contact lenses, glasses don’t require frequent repeat purchases. Without a change in your prescription, one pair of glasses could last you years.

‣Sunglasses are not an option unless you buy a prescription pair.

‣They are breakable (although, touch wood, I haven’t had this happen yet!)

‣Low maintenance – a quick wipe over with a good lens cloth should keep your glasses clean.

‣They don’t give brilliant peripheral (side) vision. You are, at the end of the day, restricted by the frames around your lenses – so no sly glances out of the corner of your eye!

‣Changes in temperature can cause them to steam up. (Why do i forget this every time i bend down to get something out of the oven?)

Contact Lenses:
‣They go with everything.

‣You can choose any pair of sunglasses you fancy and aren’t restricted by prescription lenses.

‣Great for sports where you would usually have to remove your glasses.

‣Contact lenses and solutions require frequent replacement purchases, and depending on your prescription and the type of lens you wear, these can be pretty costly.

‣ Monthly contact lenses require frequent cleaning and up-keep. (This doesn’t apply to daily lenses where they are thrown away after a single use.)

‣They don’t fog up with changes in temperature.

‣Lots of contact lens providers offer direct debit schemes, which can have great benefits including free sight tests, discounted glasses and home-delivery of your lenses.

My personal opinion? There will always be a place on my dressing table for both my glasses case and contact lens case. Although contact lenses may give me that little extra boost of confidence on a night out, it’s always nice to spend the following day hiding those tired eyes behind my favourite specs!


3 thoughts on “Glasses vs Contact Lenses

  1. Hey! Just wanted to leave a comment saying I like your blog. You write with such ease, it’s nice to read! As for glasses, I’ve needed them since high school too and was in a bit of denial for a few years. I had glasses but never wore them in high school because I didn’t want the attention. Finally in college I didn’t care anymore. I don’t know if I could ever do contact lenses. Something about my fingers that close to my eye doesn’t sit well haha.


    1. Hi! Thank you so much – that’s a real compliment! I completely know what you mean with the high-school-specs-denial phase! I went through that too (until I realised squinting at the board was only going to make it worse).
      Haha – at the moment, teaching people to put contact lenses in is part of my job at work! You’d be surprised at how many people feel the same as you. Once you get over the initial “I’m about to put a foreign object in my eye” phase it does become second nature. You should definitely try them!

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      1. I’m sure you do a good job helping people put in contacts for the first almost talked me into it. Maybe one day…emphasis on the word “maybe”. Gives me the shakes just thinking about it haha.


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