Hair Miracles | Percy & Reed


I first came across this brand in a Birchbox, where I received a sample-sized wonder balm and instantly fell in love. So it wasn’t long before three full-sized products were tumbling out out of my Christmas stocking.

The website describes their products as “modern, cutting edge and wearable for the everyday” and that is exactly what they are. They take an easy, yet professional approach to hairstyling and the modern packaging stands out with the classy black-and-white theme and the cute quotations beside the unique illustrations.
Here are the three products I currently use:

Perfecting Wonder Balm:
As i’ve already mentioned, I was first introduced to this product through Birchbox. It’s a nourishing, leave-in balm which preps your hair for styling products and techniques (think of it as a primer for… but for your hair!).
I have long hair, so I tend to use about four pumps, rubbed between my palms and then combed through towel-dried hair using my fingers. I then dry with a hairdryer as normal.
At £18 it is on the pricer side, but is completely worth it in order to make my hair shinier; and as someone with wavy to curly hair, it adds an element of smoothness too!

Flawless Finishing Polish:
Described as a product used to create “Intense shine and invisible hold”, this finishing polish doesn’t disappoint. I only ever need to use a pea-sized amount, which I rub into my palms and then lightly smooth over my hair. Unlike other products that I’ve used of a similar nature, it’s not at all greasy and you definitely don’t end up looking like you’ve gone awol with the Brylcreem – phew!
Again, for hair like mine, it helps to smooth away frizz and keep my curls under control, and for £10 i’d say it’s pretty good value, too!

Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray:
This “ultra fine and humidity resistant hairspray” is something I’ve re-puchased a good couple of times now. I only really need to gently mist it over my hair from about 10cm away to get my style of the day to stay put! At £12, it definitely isn’t the cheapest on the market, but what makes it stand out is both the complete lack of stickiness (it doesn’t feel at all heavy to wear!) and lack of that caught-in-the-back-of-my-throat, strong awful smell that a lot of cheaper hairsprays seem to adopt.
My hair is, believe it or not, actually quite fine, and I find this spray adds a nice amount of volume.

In short, I absolutely love, love, love this brand, and it will take a lot for it to be knocked from the top-spot in my haircare favourites!





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