Facts That’ll Make You Bat an Eyelash

I LOVE when my eyelashes are looking fabulous. I mean, they’re pretty long anyway, but I lean towards products that give extra volume and that element of ‘wow!’

But… your eyelashes are delicate little things; with their primary purpose to protect the eyes from foreign bodies entering them – not, disappointingly enough, to give us that alluring eye-flutter ability (although that’s certainly something I use them for too!) – so looking after them is a must! I’ve put together a little list of treatment-specific potential pit-falls for when you’re weighing up those lash luxuries so they can be kept in tip-top condition in the process.

Lash Extensions
There are now so many options available for lash extensions – you can go anywhere on a scale from “still-pretty-natural” to “I’m-definitely-a-Kardashian”. However, if you have eyelash extensions too often they can fall out; or if you have them done by someone who isn’t qualified…. (I’ll leave that to your own imaginations).
Tip: Treat your lashes like your gym routine: take a month off every third session. (Just kidding about the gym bit!)

Lash Perming
We all want perfect eyelashes 24/7 whether that be in the shower or after that sweaty Body Combat class and the more up-turned your lashes are, the longer they’ll look.
That’s where lash perming comes into play. Due to the chemical element of the treatment, there is potential for your lashes to dry out, and even break in the worst cases.
Tip: I’d say this is something for those very special occasions only and wouldn’t recommend more than four treatments a year.

False Lashes
They’re so quick, easy and they don’t require a trip to the salon! However, for some people the glue can be an irritant and if left on overnight, lashed can be ripped out! Ouch!
Tip: Before bed, I always sweep across the lash-line with a cotton bud soaked in coconut oil (It’s undeniably more difficult to do this after a few glasses of the strong-stuff on a night out!). This loosens the lashes nicely before you pull them away.

Waterproof Mascara
As someone who is frequently found in the gym and swimming pool, I am constantly reaching for my waterproof mascara. But when used every-day it can seriously dry out your eyelash follicles. I always try to switch it up on rest-days!
Tip: Invest in a lash serum. They not only moisturise, but also give your lashes all of the proteins and minerals that they need! I find the RapidLash serum (available at Boots) works wonders!

Lash Tinting
Tinting is another treatment, enabling you to go mascara-less; this time involving the dyeing of the eyelashes, giving them more definition. There is a lot less potential for damage with lash tinting, but as with any product there is still a risk of irritation.
Tip: I know we all hate them, and I always feel too eager to bother, but make sure you get a patch-test beforehand!

It’s so important to always be mindful and to take precautions to avoid possible problems, but I certainly won’t be giving up any of my lash luxuries any time soon.


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